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How long should a foam pillow last?

Darrin Patel -

It's said all good things must come to an end, and memory foam pillows aren't an exception. You might be too attached to your good old pillow because it already has your head's shape carved on it. Let us tell you: that's exactly why you should replace it.

All pillows have a lifespan. It's a fact we can't deny. Knowing when it's time to give it a proper burial, though, is where it can become challenging. This is why you need to look at your pillow and understand, with our tips, if its time has come. You might need to have a little chat with it to thank it for the years together. After all, you've been sleeping so close for so long, sharing so many thoughts. But then you need to move on.

How to know when it's time to let go

If you have a memory foam pillow, you might be wondering ‘’how long should a foam pillow last’’. We'll tell you, it's no secret: You should replace it anywhere after 12 to 24. If you wait longer than that, your neck and head will show you what real regret feels like.

Don't worry about hurting its feelings. It's called a memory foam pillow but it doesn't actually hold on to any memories. All it does is get less and less effective in helping you sleep, every day looking more deflated. Believe us, your pillow will tell you it's time to retire and you'll need to listen to it.

Quality does have a major impact on its lifespan and our Haymaker Adjustable Memory & Reactive Foam Pillow is proof of that. That's why we even offer a 1-year warranty on this pillow. We know it won't ever fail you when it's still in its service years.

It's still important to know when to let go and when to replace any of your memory foam pillows, even when you buy the best in the market. This is why joining our Pillow Fight Club can be the decision of a lifetime. Getting the best quality pillows for a bargain is a luxury only we provide. We do it for the sake of sleep. Your sleep.

Why it's important to know when to say goodbye

Memory Foam Pillow Last

Saying goodbye to your foam pillow doesn't mean you don't love it anymore. In fact, it means you respect it so much that you want it to have proper eternal rest. It also means you value your sleep and your wellbeing, so it's a win-win situation.

You can say: ''the problem is not you, it's me'', and let it know you'll never forget your moments together. Another strategy to cut the string is to explain you're still a memory foam pillow lover and that you're just doing a little upgrade. Just want to see what's new out there.

The fact is: your relationship with your pillow should be long enough to not just be a fling, but not so long you call it the love of your life.

On a more practical note, here's why replacing your memory foam pillow at the right time is so important:

1. No long ''shower'' can save it anymore

Knowing ''How long should a foam pillow last'' is understanding the signals that tell you it's time to move on. This one is common sense:

No matter how well we wash our bodies, we release odor, sweat, dead skin, hair dandruff, saliva, and natural oils. All this is absorbed by our pillows, no matter how good they are. Even when well protected by a top-notch pillow cover (like our Aloe Very™ 1000 Thread Count Pillow Case), eventually it will need replacing.

You may think washing your memory foam pillow every now and then will do the trick. In fact, it does, but not in the long run. You'll get that sudden fresh smell but the underneath issues will remain. It's the equivalent to when people put on deodorant without taking a proper shower. No one needs that.

2. It's spring allergy time all year-round

We'll tell you something that might seem too disgusting to be true, but it is. Your bed and your pillows can be true love nests for dust mites. With the mix between your daily body heat and any stains on persistent dirt, you are creating a real bug hub.

The worst part is that, even though you don't see them, they can still be there. All that, while enjoying every dead skin of your body and the warmth of a bed.

Enough of traumatizing you with this horrific image? Trust us, we get you. Dust mites are one of the reasons why we've developed such great technology on all of our pieces.

They're not the bogey man, so relax. It's not a life-death situation. But if you're prone to allergies, they can trigger itchy or red skin, skin rashes, watery eyes, and sneezing. Or even breathing issues in severe cases. Don't let your bed be an invitation to these little devils.

3. Every muscle of your body aches

Pillows are meant to be an ally of sleep, not an enemy. If your memory foam pillow makes you wake up with a stiff neck and a heavy head - this is not the way to live.

A shapeless pillow that is too flat to protect your neck in any way is a pillow at retirement age. Give it a break and a walking stick, and slowly invite it out of your bed. Actually, not slowly, do it as fast as you can, as this is a neck-killer disguised in the shape of a fluffy thing.

If you're ready to find out what sleeping in the clouds truly means, then you're ready for it. For what? To try our Haymaker Adjustable Memory & Reactive Foam Pillow with Twisticuffs™. Falling in love with a pillow that can actually stick around because it only does you well is possible. Our pillow is the ''living'' proof of that.

Don't say we didn't warn you

How long should a foam pillow last, after all? Not less than a year, not more than 3 years. With that said, it might start to make sense to join a club that can give you new pillows when you need them. A club that makes you feel like you have a new bed every year, at no extra cost. Only if we knew a top-secret club like that to help you with your sleep...oh, wait! We do know. It's us - Pillow Fight Club - the only exclusive club that you can (and should!) actually talk about.