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Are down pillows good for you?

Alec Reid -
If you want to change your level of sleep and comfort, down pillows or their alternatives could be a great choice.

A Physical Therapist that spoke to Medical News Today said, “Feathered down pillows cause concern a disruptive night’s sleep. However, hypoallergenic options are better.”

Types and Uses of Down Pillows


Are down pillows good for you when it comes to supporting the head? They are soft and outline the head and neck while resting. It provides comfort while offering customizable support. Allowing your body to contour to the shape. So yes, down pillows and alternative down pillows can be a win when it comes to supporting! 

Allergic Reactions

Individuals that are diagnosed with allergies or asthma have been advised to stay away from down products. They can create dust mites, retain heat, and sweat, in addition to inhumane practices when retrieving the feathers. This is when we'd recommend a down alternative.


Different companies are using alternatives for down. It’s not just feathers packed into a pillowcase. What can be used?
  1. Goose Feathers
  2. Non-Synthetic Fabrics
  3. Organic Foam
  4. Recycled Fabrics with Infused Technology

Washing your Down Products

Depending on which fabric is used, the best way to wash down pillows is in machine wash cold. Manufacturers advise against washing in hot water, so the material used is not damaged and shortens the lifespan of your product.
It’s easy to destroy things filled with feathers. Be careful, not to:
  1. Dry it too hot. It can scorch the fill.
  2. Allowing it to sit wet for too long will result in a bad smell. So don’t forget them in the washer.
  3. Over washing and drying feathered down will cause your pillow to become lumpy and flat.
Appropriate cleaning of feather-down pillows is just a hassle. This is why it’s safer, more affordable, and easier to purchase synthetic down.

Animal Rights Concerns

Individuals that hold a strong belief about animal rights take issue with how the geese are treated while retrieving their feathers. 

This is why a lot of companies are moving away from this practice and using safer, more ethical materials to produce alternatives to down.

HOT Down

When down pillows are made with goose feathers they hold on to heat, making it hard to get a restful night’s sleep. That is why we use alternative down materials. We believe everyone should be able to enjoy down. We make pillows hypoallergenic from humane materials.

Caring about the environment and animals? That’s a win-win or a down-down,  however you want to look at it!

How Is It Considered ‘Down’?

Down Alternative Pillows Good For You

Pillow-Fight’s Down Alternative Pillow is packed with top-quality material. It is higher density than standard down or alternative down. It goes through a process to ensure it is silky smooth with no lumps out of the box.

The polyester-cotton pillow uses materials that are lightweight and airy. The synthetic fill is humane and hypoallergenic. 

The best part about this product is you can customize your pillow. Fill it with the appropriate amount of down alterative you need for the amount of support you desire.

All Fluff 

A recent poll was created to see if people preferred their down used with feathers or synthetic material. Feathers didn’t win, too many ‘down’ votes! All jokes aside, feathers are just not the popular fluff material. Here are some reasons that you know what is outlined is not all ‘fluff’:
  1. Feathers retain heat and make sleeping difficult
  2. Feathers are light and fluffy and tend to flatten during the night
  3. You need to re-fluff your feather down to ensure it remains light and airy
  4. The process to retrieve the feathers have been known to be inhumane
  5. Feathers cause allergic reactions and form dust mites
If you enjoy waking up to pokes in the middle of the night, feathers may be for you! If you’d rather invest in your rest, stay away from those feathery death traps.

Resisting A-rest

It’s important to put our sleep first. Many people don’t think about their pillows, but it is the reason we get either good or bad sleep. So, are down pillows good for you? Based on the information, it is when the synthetic fabric is used.
This shouldn’t come down to a Pillow-Fight. It’s about comfort and cleanliness!

Down to Decision Time

What we know: If you are someone that has always wanted to try down, now you can! With so many options available, you'll find the perfect pillow for your restful sleep. Happy Pillow Shopping!