Pillow Fight - Ep #1: Black and White from Pillow Fight on Vimeo.

The inaugural episode of our Pillow Fight anthology project!

Black and White - whoa, whoa, whoa! It starts. Here it is, all. The premier episode in the Pillow Fight saga. 


Pillow Fight Webseries Teaser Trailer from Pillow Fight on Vimeo.

One Bedroom
Two Actors
Six Stories
Post-sex discourse.

Pillow Fight is an anthology film project that's soon to find a FREE home streaming on the internet! With an ensemble cast of 12 incredible talents, we're propelled into the bedrooms of six couples as they grapple with all of the complications surrounding post-sex conversation.

The concept was grounded in one simple realization: chat is in its most honest form when two people have explored all of the intimacies of one another. Sex. It's blunt and unpredictable, it's harrowing and hilarious. It's dialog on a different plane all together, a dialog so secretive yet honest it can only have one home: the safety of a bedroom. Our film team brings it to a big screen.

Written By
Gordon Clark

Directed By
Joseph Lao
Gordon Clark

Gordon Clark
Doree Seay
Tania Aleman
Kyle O'Malley
Nico Howard
Morgan Darian
Daisy Stelzer
Maryam Cne
Kathleen Benner
Michael Hanelin
Kate Kugler
Dominic Best

NEW! With pieces of of Naivety sprinkled in we have our PILLOW FIGHT teaser proper!! Hope you like.

Virgins don’t tell someone they’re cumming. Virgins try and ignore the pain and pinching that’s right in front of them. They try and pretend they’re not in that place, not right there, wondering if they feel good to him and how fast it will be over.

Naivety”, episode 6